Toyota of Tampa Bay's Scion Giveaway

This year's Toyota of Tampa Bay Perfect Car for Perfect Attendance Giveaway Ceremony had a Surprise
Instead of one winner, two high school students drove off in brand new Scion xDs

  This 3rd annual contest gives Hillsborough County Public School 2013 high school seniors that qualify a chance to win a car. As long as they did not miss a day of school during the last semester before graduation, they were eligible. On Saturday, June 8 at the Toyota of Tampa Bay dealership, over 200 Hillsborough County recent high school graduates qualified and participated in the Perfect Car for Perfect Attendance event.

During the ceremony, 10 graduates were randomly selected to draw a single car key from a bowl of 10 keys, one of which would open the door of the new vehicle. When excited and nervous 18 year old Monica Tromer tried her key, she felt a click and then expected to hear horns. When she heard nothing, she thought she must not have won.

After all ten keys were drawn and tried, however, none successfully opened the vehicle's door. Monica then realized that the click she heard must have been the sound of the door unlocking. She wanted to retry her key but by that time all the keys had been returned to the bowl to be drawn again, and there was no way to tell her key apart from the others. After the keys were re-drawn she further expressed her frustration when fellow Gaither High School graduate, Davie Chen, opened the car door with his key. When Toyota of Tampa Bay organizers realized what happened, they decided to give Monica a new car, too.

"When we realized what happened and that we had created some confusion during the ceremony, we decided to do what we could to make it right," commented Brett Morgan, operations director for the Morgan Auto Group.

"So, we gave away an additional vehicle this year. We did what we think was the right thing to do. We are proud to send both of these deserving local young people away with new vehicles."

This is the third consecutive year that Toyota of Tampa Bay has offered the perfect attendance giveaway. They enjoy giving back to the community and this is just part of what they contribute to their customers. Stop in and visit us soon to see all the good things that are waiting for you!
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